Happy Release Day to The Stolen Vow!

The day is finally here! You can now read The Stolen Vow (Winter’s Blight Book 6) at these retailers:



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Can you believe this it the penultimate book in the Winter’s Blight series? One more to go after this. But don’t worry; I am not done with this story world. In addition, M.C. and I have big plans for future books set in a different worlds we know you’ll enjoy just as much! To stay up to date on everything, be sure to subscribe here or follow us on Bookbub or our author pages on Amazon.

Writing Update:

Greetings, readers!

M.C. and I are currently hard at work drafting Book 6 of the Winter’s Blight Series. We just reached 80k in the draft, and we have a little less than 1/3 of the book to draft. After that, we’ll take a week-long break before starting on revisions. I don’t yet have a release date for you, but I’m hoping it will be summer 2021.

I can’t wait for you all to read it and see what happens next! Thank you so much to everyone who has been leaving reviews and ratings on the other books. Here is a sneak peek of a line from the first draft:

Also, happy Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and Palentine’s Day to everyone! I hope you treat yourself or someone you love today.

The Tempest Cursed Audiobook is out!

Looking for an enchanting and captivating Gothic read to escape to? Tempest Cursed is narrated by the talented Fran Burgoyne, who brings the characters and the eerie but beautiful world to life. Here is what readers are saying:

Whether you’re a fan of Wuthering Heights or not; this is a great read!” – Amazon reviewer

“This book was so good! I love romance books that make your heart stutter. I flew through this book in one day and I was so sad when it was over!” – Netgalley reviewer

“If you have any interest in Scottish mythology I definitely recommend checking this one out…” – Amazon reviewer

“This book really drew me in. The setting in this novel was phenomenally written and made you feel as if you were there.” – Amazon reviewer

Pre-order Book 5 Now!

“Are you prepared to pay the price for power?”

After standing trial in the Summer Court, James is sent on a quest to kill the Cait Sidhe, the monstrous faery cat who manipulated him into betraying the Seelie faeries and destroying the magical barrier that protected them. When the time comes to kill the beast, James decides to trick him into helping undo his mistake. But the man beneath the beast, Cecil Morris, is just as dangerous, and his manor, Heatherfield, is full of wild and deadly magic. In trying to reach Cecil, James risks being pulled into the darkness with him.

Cai, accompanying James to Heatherfield, escapes from the Cait Sidhe’s prison and fights for his life against Heatherfield’s deadly magic, determined to keep his oath to kill the beast even if it means making James his enemy. Kallista and Alan, also captives in the manor, face a fight of their own as Alan’s Unseelie magic slowly consumes him.

Meanwhile, newly-appointed Noble Faery Deirdre and her human champion, Iain, head into an ancient tomb to find her drachma, an item that will help her control her powerful magic and save the Summer Court from destruction. She must undergo a trial to earn her drachma, but dark forces lurk inside, waiting to use her magic against her and against all she loves.

The Thrall’s Gambit is book five in the seven-book Winter’s Blight series.

Winter’s Blight Book 5 Release Date!

“Are you prepared the pay the price for power?”

Greetings, readers! I hope you are doing well and staying safe. If everything goes smoothly, you will have THE THRALL’S GAMBIT (Winter’s Blight #5) in your hands (Ereaders) on October 31, 2020! That’s NEXT MONTH! It’s the perfect slightly spooky Halloween read with Unseelie monsters, a magic manor, and the vicious, enigmatic Cait Sidhe. Look for the cover reveal in mid October!

I will update once/if the preorder is up by October 26. Thank you for reading, reviewing, and telling your friends about the series while you wait!

Winter’s Blight Update:

“If you want power, pain is a natural part of it.” – The Thrall’s Gambit (Winter’s Blight Book 5)

Greetings, readers! M.C. Aquila and I have been hard at work on Book 5. We are sending the book to beta readers next week! After that, all that’s left is final edits and proofreading. Here is an aesthetic board to give you a feel for the tone:

Screenshot (35)

There are hints in this aesthetic. But as you can probably guess from the title, this book is a little more James-focused. Everyone gets their moments to shine as well, as usual!

Do you have any predictions about what’s going to happen? Honestly, after how Book 4 ended, I think anything is possible!