New Release for Pre-order!

Welcome to the Morris Museum of Supernatural Curiosities, where faeries roam and the museum’s enigmatic host hides a monstrous secret.

Before he became the Master and emissary of the Unseelie Court, Cecil Morris strove to make a name for himself in a bustling Victorian-Era London. Vowing to leave all magic behind, Cecil opens a museum of Fae to share his knowledge with the world with the help of his friend and benefactor, Sir Felix Todd.

Recently widowed, Felix has now remarried the young and mysterious Madam Hazel, an event that summons his eldest daughter, Lucy, to London. Lucy is plagued by nightmares of a terrifying horned figure, and if she ever hopes to understand her dark visions, she must confide in Cecil—a man she feels as much contempt for as she does attraction. To the surprise of everyone, the stern Lucy soon becomes governess to Vera, Cecil’s ward and unusual child with a magical musical talent.

But when a vicious animal attack leaves leads to Cecil, he must clear his name before his secret magic and murderous past is revealed.

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