Book Four is here!


Though protected behind a barrier of magic, the Realm of the Summer Court is anything but safe…

Deirdre, James, and Iain finally reach Seelie Court to warn them of the impending war and heal Deirdre’s stolen magic. However, their greatest challenges are yet to come.

Deirdre must prove she can regain her magic and control it or risk losing her chance to belong in the Realm. When Iain volunteers to be her champion, he must undergo a trial of his own to prove his claims about the Iron Guard by joining the perilous Wild Hunt. James continues his quest for magic by communicating with Cecil, the enigmatic emissary of the Winter Court. Although the monstrous Cait Sidhe cannot be trusted, can James trust the man behind the beast?

As Alan and the army draw nearer to the Summer Court with each hour the dark magic aiding him threatens to destroy not only him but Kallista—and everything he is fighting for.

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