New Year, New Books!

Hello, dear readers,

I hope and pray you have a blessed and better year in 2021. Thanks to you, M.C. Aquila and I had a huge rise in sales and reviews in 2020. We cannot thank you enough for reading and reviewing!

What you can expect from us in 2021:

We’re currently hard at work drafting Winter’s Blight Book 6, which will release this year. I cannot wait for you guys to read it! I recommend that you subscribe here, on our BookBub pages, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook page for updates.

In addition to Winter’s Blight, I will also be drafting and publishing the next book in my Gothic Retellings anthology this year. I hope to release it in August at the earliest. My previous novel, Tempest Cursed: A Wuthering Heights Retelling, will be available as an audiobook soon!

In addition, if you have questions or you just want to say hello, please do so by contacting me through this website!

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